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Material Management

Elevate Your Supply Chain with Accutron's Integrated Solutions

Accutron sets the gold standard in Supply Chain Management, ensuring the timely receipt of materials for Contract Manufacturing with unparalleled efficiency.

With a diverse array of sourcing options available, our swift information-sharing streamlines the procurement process for every project. Our customers benefit from a Turnkey Solution that goes beyond expectations, covering everything from Prototype PCB Assembly to full-scale production.

Advanced Forecasting Models for Unmatched Visibility

At Accutron, we don't just react to market changes; we anticipate them. Our custom MRP provides unparalleled visibility to our suppliers, allowing our team to proactively manage demand fluctuations and optimize inventory levels. This foresight ensures that our customers receive their orders promptly with unmatched consistency, exceeding expectations and meeting critical timelines.

Whether it's Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Through-Hole Assembly, or a complete Turnkey Solution, Accutron offers a suite of tailored options designed to meet your unique requirements. Our commitment to excellence guarantees Quality Assurance at every stage of the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) process. Our dedication to Quick Turnaround ensures deadlines are always met.

At Accutron, we recognize the crucial role of a streamlined and responsive supply chain in the success of every project. Contact us today to discover how our integrated solutions can elevate your supply chain to new heights of efficiency and reliability.

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